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The Towlife UK brand was created in 2020 by specialist fabricators of recovery truck bodies for over 10 years, being one of the country's leading suppliers – we embarked on a journey to develop a brand that wasn’t just a logo or name… it's to represents a way of life.

The Towlife UK brand strives to combine function and fashion to create designs and equipment for dedicated trucker all up and down the country, which you'll enjoy whether it’s on a job or just walking the streets.

We're not your general fabricators, we are car transporter / recovery truck specialists, this is reflected in the quality of our product.

Our experience has taught us about the need for careful attention to details such as ramp angles and the choice of power and brand of winches that could make all the difference. Which we use and transfer onto our designs, careful attention to details to give you a look which will stand out and express your way of life.

We are Towlife… Are you too?

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